County of Hawaii Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance

Effective January 17, 2014

What's Happenning:

  • The County of Hawaii’s Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance prohibits all stores to offer single-use plastic bags.
  • KTA Super Stores and Waikoloa Village Market are taking the new ordinance one step further by also reducing paper bags in an effort to help the environment.
  • Both disposable (single-use) paper and plastic bags are equally harmful to our `aina leading to air pollution, deforestation, marine and wildlife dangers, and excessive rubbish.
  • This effort is in addition to KTA /WVM establishing a “Re-Use Bag” program, recycling as much possible (cardboard boxes, wooden pallets, cooking oils, and paper), providing bins for unwanted plastic bags, installing photovoltaic systems and becoming the first supermarket in the nation to participate in the natureOffice carbon neutral program.

How it works:

Effective January 17th, 2014, plastic bags will no longer be offered at our check outs.

  • A 5¢ fee (plus tax) will be added to your grocery bill for each disposable (single-use) paper bag used at check-out.
  • When you bring back your bags (paper or plastic), KTA/WVM will credit your grocery bill for each bag re-used to bag your groceries.
    • You will receive 5¢ for each large paper, plastic or reusable bag.
    • You will receive 3¢ for each small plastic bag (with handles).
  • You can also receive a credit of 5¢ for each reusable bag used to bag your groceries.

Helpful tips:

  • Remember to always bring your reusable bags.
  • You’ll receive a credit on your grocery bill for each bag (paper, plastic or reuseable) re-used at the checkout.
  • Keep reusable bags on the top of your grocery list, in your car and with you at the checkout line.
  • Please keep your empty reuse bags in your basket or cart while shopping and provide them at the checkout along with your groceries. We will kindly bag your groceries for you.
  • Please join KTA Super Stores and Waikoloa Village Market in this simple effort to protect our `aina today and for generations to come.

More information:

  • Please visit the Customer Service Center at any of our stores and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.
  • For more information about our green inititatives, click here