Chef Maka Kwon

Chef Maka KwonMalcolm Makaala Kwon was born on October 24th 1972 on the island of Oahu with his eyes open. His Tutu gave him the Hawaiian name Makaala, which means “to see his paths of life”.

Growing up, Makaala, or “Maka”, did not see his future career in the culinary field. But 12 years ago that changed. Interest gave way to passion which led to the insight that illuminated his path. Maka started his professional culinary education at the school, Gros Bonnet, on Oahu. He then trained with Big Island native, Chef George Gomes Jr., gaining the invaluable experience that accompanies working with a talented chef. Utilizing his training and passion, Maka was well on his way. Within 3 years he became executive chef for the Tri-star Restaurant Group, including restaurants: Nicks Fishmarket, Sarentos on the Beach, Sarentos Top of the Ilikai.